Golden Valley Vendors

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407 S Washington St, Clinton, MO 64735

We Offer The Newest Most Advanced
Vending Machine Equipment

Crane Machines

We also utilize the most up-to-date technology, including remote monitoring systems and cashless vending.
We supply the vending machines as a free service to our customers. We manage the delivery of products, maintenance and repairs.
The Crane machines available to our customers include:
• Snack/Candy Vending Machines
• Cold Drink Vending Machines (for such products as Pepsi, Coke, iced tea, etc.
• Food Vending Machines (for such products as sandwiches, fruit, and refrigerated and frozen meals)
• Hot Drink Vending Machines (for such products as fresh-brewed coffees, hot chocolate, hot tea, etc.)
• Combination Vending Machines (for such products as chips, gum and mints, cold canned drinks, frozen and refrigerated foods)

Contact Information

Golden Valley Vendors
Phone: 660-885-2951
Toll Fee: (877) 224-6050
Fax: (660) 885-8149


Established in 1950

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